About Us

Our Story: Commitment to Clean and Calm

Inspired by stories of botanical miracles, Dania Henry has always believed in the power of plants and their ability to revolutionize the body and mind. Whether it be through her daily diet or business ventures, she channels her love for nature in everything she does. Empowered by intuition and guided by passionate years spent as an expert in beauty and fashion, she was able to make it a signature ingredient in her lifestyle brand. By harnessing luxurious, high-performance formulas and plant-based actives, she dreamt of spotlighting the boundless potential of plants and nature-curated materials to encourage a cleaner, healthier lifestyle. While doing so, she also created something ethically conscious and wholeheartedly focused on building a peace of mind and nurturing the beauty within. As part of her clean beauty initiative, she hopes to nourish and heal the skin, soothe the soul, celebrate confidence and inspire others to elevate their lifestyle. With this approach, Dania’s inherent devotion and genuine care for her clients shines through and in turn, sparked the birth of Dania Henry.