I highly recommend this herbal cleanser!! I use this product everyday and my skin looks brighter, cleaner and healthier. I have an oily t-zone and this product is gentle enough to use on oily and dry skin.
Shirley A
I love this product! I am 70 years old and I lather this soap on my face and leave it on for 15 minutes a day and it has helped fade away my dark spots on my face. Love this product!
Mani B
My friend introduced me to this soap after I complimented her on her beautiful skin. I started using it on my face, especially right after shaving, and it really does make my skin feel very clean and soft.
Edmund K
I’m a busy mom and I hardly ever have time to pay any attention to my skin so, naturally, sometimes it suffers. This soap wakes my skin up! It’s small but it packs a punch and lasts a long time, I absolutely love it.
Swini B
I wear a lot of makeup, every day, all day. This soap has saved me from a ridiculously long routine of makeup removal and moisturizing. It leaves my face feeling so clean, fresh and vibrant, I really don’t need anything else.
Alina G
I love using the Skin Brightening Herbal Cleanser! It’s plant-based and made my skin feel so clean. My skin feels so refreshed and it looks brighter! It 100% helped even out my skin tone. Definitely a good quality, luxury product.
Sofia I
I travel a lot, so this cleanser not only has natural ingredients and does wonders for my skin, it is also a great alternative to liquids when I’m constantly on the road.
Irene K
I love how versatile this product is. Instead of buying 2-3 other creams and moisturizers and spending so much time applying them one by one, this little guy does all their jobs and makes me feel bright, clean and rejuvenated in half the time.
Isabel K